12 Things to ask before hiring a Mobile Application Development company

With Mobile apps becoming a must-have tool for businesses, it is imperative for business houses to know why and how to build one. Therefore, businesses must hire a competent mobile development company to design and build their app.

While the reasons for businesses to want to switch over to mobile application development are clear, extreme care should be taken while choosing the right partner to do the job. It is important for businesses to ask the right questions before hiring a mobile developer.

Here are a few questions to ask before hiring a mobile apps development company:

1. Where are your developers located?

A lot of mobile development companies outsource a mobile app development project to app development firms located in another country. These companies, in reality, will only have a sales office locally. To ensure that a mobile development company that claims to be local is actually local.

2. Free or paid app?

Decide whether your apps should be offered free, paid or freemium. The paid versions of the app should contain advanced features & content. For example, Angry birds game app had a free version but paid users were given more access to challenging levels and other free add-ons.

3. What kind of an app should you make and on which platform?

Before you build an app, make sure that there is a market demand for your app. Go to the mobile app store & Google Play and look at available apps and their number of downloads and reviews. This will give you an impression of the kind of apps that are liked and are doing well in the market.

You should know your audience before making a decision on the platform. Developing your application for one particular platform or more will largely depend on whether your business app will be available for iPhone, Android, Windows, and/or BlackBerry users.

4. Platform & Domain Experience:

The foremost thing to consider is the overall experience of the development company. So, before hiring any mobile application developer for your iOS, Android, Windows Phone or any other platform apps, verify their claims regarding the total working experience.

5. What are the costs of the project?

The mobile application development company should offer cost-effective rates. Find the right balance between price and performance and never compromise on quality. Some mobile developers may not give an exact figure before starting work on your app, but ensure that you get an estimate before signing them on as your partners.

6. How will users be able to download my app?

Any mobile app should be accessible through the website of the business. You should also know which third-party app sites will be selling your app to users. If your app is to be made available on Google Play, the mobile development company should provide you with a reasonable guarantee that it will be approved for Google Play sales.

7. According to you, which is project are you most proud of & why?

Mobile development companies will show you what they think is their best work. If what is shown to you is not user-friendly or up to your liking, then you should think long and hard before signing on with them. A good rule of thumb for an app is that it should be simple enough for your mother/ grandmother to use.

8. Meeting Deadlines

The mobile app developing company must commit to meeting the deadlines of the project. To avoid issues later, mention in clear terms in the agreement, the start and end date of the project.

9. History and Reputation:

Communicate clearly with the app developer and take a look at some of the mobile applications that they have already developed. Check their client-list thoroughly and take recommendations from some of those clients, if required.

10. What are the maintenance costs?

Apps require long-term attention and maintenance. The users expect the apps to be maintained and refreshed on a regular basis. Ensure that your deal with your app development partner involves ongoing app maintenance fees as well.

11. Will the app be used for business promotion or to make money?

Be clear from the start whether you want your app for your existing business promotion tactics or you want to monetize your app. The app design and the selection of the app development company will have to be done accordingly.

If you want your app to showcase your business then you can hire a local app development company. However, if your goal is to make money from the app, it should be globally targeted. It is found that if you want to make money it is better to go with iPhone apps & if you want to promote your business then Android app is the best choice.

12. How much risk should you take before building the app?

You must start by developing small apps to avoid unnecessary risks. Learn to keep your risk rates low. You will learn a lot from every app you develop & publish. As you get more experienced, the quality of your apps will keep on increasing.

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