Why Outsource Software Testing?

Everyone in the world is prone to making mistakes. Some of the mistakes committed are trivial in nature & we can safely ignore them. However, some mistakes or errors can cost you a bomb! If we check our own work, we will again commit the same mistakes we made in the first place. Therefore, a third-party should be entrusted for checking your work for mistakes or errors.

Software testing deals with the evaluation of software for its quality. Software testers test the software for any bugs or errors. When software testing is outsourced to a third-party, it is a desired situation for all stakeholders in the process. Software testing outsourcing includes software testing process undertaken by a specialized company or a set of people employed by the company on a contract basis.

Software Testing outsourcing services are provided by a third-party who is not directly involved in the software development process. Also, there is no need for companies to bear training costs associated with software testing if they outsource it to an independent software testing company.

Benefits of Software Testing Outsourcing:

  • Reduced investment for infrastructure
  • No need to worry about meeting deadlines
  • More time can be spent for software development
  • Improved software quality
  • Improved confidence during software delivery


Companies can choose to outsource various software testing tasks to a third-party company. Some companies choose to outsource an entire process ranging from planning till closure. However, smaller companies go ahead with performance test, load test or stress testing.

The demand for software testing is high due to the fact that companies will have to incur huge costs if bugs are reported after the software gets implemented. The cases reported often are business critical since the software bugs can affect the customer-centric business model of the software developed. The bug can also significantly affect all the applications and processes involved, and can prove to be very costly. This has led companies to think of outsourcing to third parties, the validation and testing of software.

However, some analysts believe that outsourcing of software testing is not cost-effective as expected. It is found that certain companies who want to reduce software testing training costs usually ends up spending more resources than they intended. Some companies also employ internal testers for re testing the tested software from the outsourced parties, with the result that the number of internal testers exceeds the number of external testers. All this can lead to unnecessary costs.

Outsourcing software testing services can be beneficial for companies as it is difficult for developers to predict the time when a particular project can be completed. This leads to inflexibility in scheduling the work for software testers. It makes sense for outsourcing software testing services & at the same time maintaining caution by avoiding unnecessary costs.

Companies should ensure the following after outsourcing software testing to a third party

  • Whether the software is functioning as per expectations?
  • Is there any bugs which could impact the user experience?
  • When can the software could go live without any issues?

Companies can enjoy a sigh of relief by outsourcing Software testing to third party vendors since the software would be tested for validation by trained experts. The amount of risk can also be significantly reduced by means of enhanced diversification of testing tasks to the third-party.

Software testing outsourcing definitely has its pros and cons. Companies has to evaluate how useful outsourcing can be for the business after taking into consideration the size of the organization, budget requirements and the processes involved in it. Make sure it is a win-win situation for both company developing the software and the third-party company to whom the software testing task has been outsourced. Companies should always try to make most of the benefits offered by outsourcing instead of bearing unnecessary costs.

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