Why is mobile app exciting for the enterprise


complex business process and make employees’ job easier. The idea of developing mobile applications in-house could be the better option as the employees’ of a company cannot always turn to the app store for what they need to get a work done. However, to solve a particular problem, you probably have to build it yourself. You have to analyze some more extended features of mobile once you have evaluated your need for an enterprise mobile application. How will you deliver the app to users? What are your delivery options? How deep into the company’s pockets can and will you have to dig? Etc is some of the criteria that you need to assess.

Mobile app development is not without its challenges, including the following:

  • Smaller screen sizes with a variety of screen resolutions
  • Lower processing power in spite of multiple cores and processors
  • Relatively smaller primary and secondary storage capacities with separate intended use of primary and secondary storage
  • Battery life and bandwidth costs associated with data or message transmissions
  • Unreliable connectivity with connected or disconnected modes of application
  • A variety of network capabilities, speeds and network abeyance

The world of mobile app remains to be an exciting field in spite of all these challenges. The reason behind that is

  1. Multifariousness of the mobile technology landscape
  2. Mobile platform responsiveness
  3. Reactive capabilities
  4. Cooperative capabilities
  5. Responsive, rich, visual and simple applications
  6. Connectivity technologies
  7. A rich set of audio and video formats
  8. Distribution
  9. Shorter lifecycles

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