The future of mobile app development

There is no doubt in the fact that the Mobile industry is here to stay. And with the boom in the industry, there is a greater demand of mobile apps development. Both marketers and consumers are on the lookout for innovative mobile apps that could help them grow.

So, what is the future of the mobile app development industry ?

Companies are now acquiring mobile apps so that they can reach their customers easily & more cost-effectively. Mobile apps developers need to access advanced technologies and create apps that meet the demands of both businesses and their customers. They need to use technologies that help apps use the hardware and software on all mobile devices.

Because of the surge in Mobile technologies, app developers need to go beyond developing apps for just smartphones and tablets in the future. For example, in the near future, app developers would need to develop apps for emerging mobile devices like Google Glass, iWatch, and Smarty Ring.

However, mobile app development is not everybody’s cup of tea. Only those who can quickly learn and hone their skills will be able to survive in the mobile app development industry.

The demand for Hybrid apps is slated to grow tremendously. Hybrid apps run on more than one operating system using a universal code for different platforms. They are designed to combine the advantages of native and web app development. These apps are written in HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Businesses will soon turn to hybrid apps as they would like to strike a balance between features, performance and cost of mobile apps. According to Gartner, more than half of mobile apps to be developed by 2016 will be hybrid. If this happens, it would be a marked departure from the way apps are developed today.

The freemium model for mobile apps development will be a good option in the future. In the freemium model, revenue that would come from pay-per-download model will, instead, come from in-app purchases. According to a recent study, the revenue from freemium apps is higher than premium download apps.

Cloud adoption is another latest trend among mobile apps and most of the companies are busy inventing new strategies for it. All the new Mobile Applications that are in development phase are intended to have a cloud deployment. Since organizations have their own private cloud environment, they would be looking forward to migrate their applications to cloud.

Knowledge of the latest app development techniques will make you stand-out in the crowded app development market. Apart from knowledge of advanced technologies, it will require an innovative mind to develop addictive and viral apps in the future. The good news for mobile application developers is that the industry will continue its boom for at least another 5 years.

Both, consumers and businesses will be more demanding than ever in the future. The availability of a large number of apps has empowered users with the ability to compare and judge mobile apps. It is estimated that in the near future an average user will be able to judge the app during first use.

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