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With the unprecedented boom in the mobile app industry, it has become imperative for all businesses to be present in that space. If you have an idea and know what it takes to develop it, now is the time to take the step and take the advantage.

Neologix can help you develop your app. Right from coming up with an idea to developing it and getting it to the customer, we do it all.

Step 1

Formulate the App idea

Step 2

Test the App idea

Step 3

Platform Selection

Step 4

Build the App

Step 5

Free vs. Paid

Step 6

Submit to app stores

Step 7

User Acquisition

Once you have frozen on the App idea, you need to choose the platform for apps development. This will depend on the App you are developing and the audience you are targeting.

After you have decided the platform of choice, the next step is to start mobile apps development. App development is not an easy task and not everyone can master the development skills. Different platforms use different programming languages for app development.

After accomplishing app development, its important to distribute the App efficiently. There are various ways of distributing Apps in different platforms.

The success of any product depends on how well you market it. A strong marketing model should be in place even before the App is launched. You should build an exclusive website for the App and use social media to build a community for the App. You should ask app reviewers & app review websites to review your Apps. The method of monetization will differ depending upon the type of App you want to develop and the audience you want to target.

Points to Ponder

Are you making an app to market a business or to make money?

Do you want your app to be a marketing tool for your business? The easiest way to do this is by hiring a local app development company. However, if you want to make money, the app should be targeted globally.

Which mobile platform should you use?

Most people choose to develop an app for a single mobile platform only to keep costs low. If you want to make money it is better to build iPhone/ iPad apps as it is more difficult to get downloads and make money from an Android app.

What kind of app should you make?

Try to find out the demand for your kind of apps in the market even before app development. Visit the App store & download the type of apps you want to develop & that are already making money. If you find that people are not downloading the type of app you want to make, drop that idea & move to your next app idea.

Should the app be free?

Free apps is very popular among Android apps. Please make two versions, paid and free. If you are looking for downloads, it is better to make your app free.

Should you hire someone or do it yourself?

This is one of the toughest decisions to make. Learn from success stories of others and what they did to get there. If you want to build just 1 App, it is best to do so by outsourcing.

What are the risks involved in app development?

Keep your risk low and prospects for success high. It is easier to make money from lots of small apps than from a big app.

Today, it is not surprising if your App idea has already been replicated by someone else. Therefore, if you have a unique App idea there should be no delay in transforming the idea into a functional App. While choosing the mobile development platform, take a decision depending upon the market conditions.

Another decision to take would be whether to develop the App in-house or outsource. No doubt, proper planning and proper execution is essential for successfully converting your App idea to a functional App that can make money for you.

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