SharePoint Quality Management System

SharePoint QMS

We help you build a document and quality management environment to support quality and compliance throughout your organization

Quality Management System on SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is the perfect platform that your organization can turn into an online quality management system to improve collaboration and productivity. QMS developed using SharePoint allows for the streamlining of quality processes and effective management of these processes that are required for organizations which have to be compliant to ISO standards.

With dynamic content management, enhanced user experience, powerful and intuitive navigation and search features, users can access and collaborate on the information they need much easier and faster.

Transform your Business into the next level by Connecting your Processes & People in a Modern way of Digitalization


Involve your colleagues in the process of continuous improvement by sharing all defined and relevant process information and letting them give you feedback on the published information


Because all process information is centralized and integrated on SharePoint, it is easier to report, monitor, improve and communicate more efficiently and effectively. Gain greater insights into your data and processes across various departments.


Connect people, processes and business-critical applications for quality management using the strong collaborative features of SharePoint. Complete tasks and access information easier and faster, and get a clear insight into the impact of changes.

SharePoint QMS is a powerful collaborative system for managing regulated content, processes and compliance.

ISO Quality Management System

Microsoft SharePoint as a platform for quality applications is used to manage common regulatory compliance requirements in companies of all sizes. For efficient collaboration and smoother regulatory compliance, it is essential to integrate and streamline information flow throughout the enterprise. SharePoint solutions of ISO quality standards developed by Neologix can help your organization automate quality activities, reduce compliance costs, and accelerate time to market ultimately making efficient use of your SharePoint investment.

Planning to use SharePoint as for Quality Management System – SharePoint QMS


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