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There Are A Number Of Advantages Of ColdFusion, Code once. Integrate faster. Deploy Anywhere.

What do We do?

Our expertise on the ColdFusion applications comes from our experience of handling multiple projects and clients, and we are champions in multitasking. Over the years, Neologix has built hundreds of ColdFusion applications, from websites and intranets to full software packages. Our experienced ColdFusion developers have accumulated an extensive library of code, which increases speed and productivity of a project. We host apps on reliable and fast servers.

Neologix ColdFusion Development Services

  • Design, architecture and development of platform
  • CMS development
  • Advanced Java/.NET integration services
  • Programming and scripting services related to platform
  • Development of Web Applications, Intranets
  • LDAP and XML integration
  • GUI administration
  • CFX & CFC Creation
  • Task scheduling
  • Cloud Integration

Why Choose Neologix for ColdFusion Development?

  • Unflinching Customer Support 24x7x365
  • Experienced & Qualified ColdFusion Developers
  • 100% adherence to time factor in projects
  • 100% customizable services at quality pricing
  • Reduction in Total cost of ownership(TCO)
  • Complete platform for all needs

Do you need ColdFusion development services in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi ? Neologix provides ColdFusion services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

With so many Web application development platforms available, it is extremely difficult for any business to choose one. ColdFusion is one the latest web app development platform to have gained a huge status, and as Adobe acquired the same, there has been a steep increase in its use. ColdFusion is based on HTML and can be excellent for complex web applications in the long run.

Thanks to this amazing platform, we have been capable to build, use and deploy Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Initially, ColdFusion was used to interlink and connect HTML pages and databases. We at Neologix understand the level of functionality that ColdFusion can offer, and hence, we are determined to make the most of it. With ColdFusion, we can reduce the time taken for developing a project.

While there are a number of advantages of ColdFusion, we believe in highlighting the following

  • Scalable and Affordable
  • CFMAIL Tag, Protocols, and CFCs improved
  • Reduce development and maintenance time
  • Skip the need of a Test Server
  • Modular to use and extremely stable
  • Fast and easy to use and extremely compatible
  • Supports all major standards

For making the most of the compatible aspects of ColdFusion, we deploy Fusebox, which makes apps easy to maintain, as well as, create them. Using Fusebox, we speed up the process of development with reuse of core files and avoiding the need of reinventing the wheel.

With a clientele spread around the world, we offer the most diverse range of custom software development for ColdFusion. An expert team has been trained and nurtured on the platform, and we believe in offering the most advanced level of custom software programming. We have outsourced our ColdFusion expertise to clients and look forward to cater to more clients by Offshoring. You can outsource ColdFusion development work to our offshore development centre in India.

At Neologix, we are determined to make things better for our clients, and we request you to have a close look at our services. No matter whatever budget or scale you have, we promise to create new standards of excellence in ColdFusion development.Please feel free to post your queries, and our sales team will reach you shortly with all answers.

Neologix- Largest ColdFusion Service provider in the world

Neologix is the biggest coldFusion service provider in the world now. ColdFusion is a web application development platform which is very powerful and expressive. In this technology, a feature rich programming language called CFML or ColdFusion Markup Language is used which enables to create a dynamic, interactive and user friendly web application.

Nowadays, a well designed website is an essential part of an enterprise. A website with dynamic features can act as a good CRM tool and which will in turn help you to increase the business.

We employ ColdFusion technology in web application development to deliver a user friendly and robust web applications to the customers all over the world. The ColdFusion services provide Java application server deployment, multiple server configurations, multiple server instances, web server API support and Cross platform portability.

ColdFusion technology has many advantages over existing technologies in developing web applications like:

  • ColdFusion catalyzes rapid server scripting in an exceedingly dynamic server scripting environment with scripts for customized tab libraries, reusable components and support for JSPs, servlets & EJBs.
  • ColdFusion has high performance inbuilt architecture that includes database pooling, page caching, and byte code caching, load balancing and server clustering. The development capabilities that ColdFusion technology includes are CFCs or ColdFusion components, authority based security, JSP-Servlet-EJB support and scripting & language compatibility.
  • Exceptional support and compatibility with Java and J2EE application servers together with uncomplicated integration for applications developed with Java and other enterprise data.

We in Neologix employ various ColdFusion technologies like fusebox, match 11, mura etc.

Fusebox is a ColdFusion Markup Language framework which can also be used for PHP. The latest version of Fusebox is released in March 2008, which is version, 5.5.1. This framework helps the developers in structuring their code through a set of simple conventions and also helps them in developing large applications, object-oriented programming techniques and leveraging design patterns.

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