Microsoft Dynamics 365

Manage and automate your diversified business processes

Neologix is a recognized IT solutions provider to businesses at a global level. Our advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software ensures your efficient workflow management by automating and streamlining the process of purchase, sales, service, finance, and operations.

Business Central Licensing

Enable your businesses to leverage the potency of Microsoft business management technology with turnkey solutions. Business central licensing comes in subscription and perpetual models as:


Financial Management

Monitor cash flow, accounting, taxation, regulatory reporting, and global payments to drive business agility and scale faster.

Relationship Management

Enable effective management of follow-ups, documents, and conversations with your customers through centralized data and proficient broadcasting channels.

Warehouse Management

Empower your business operational activities with inventory tracking, logistical growth, and better storage allocation.

Human Resources Management

Analyze, centralize, and visualize customer insights to make data-driven decisions to extend flexibility with Microsoft dynamics.

Project Management

Enhance comprehensive functionality of project management processes that includes project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling, and closing.


Service Management

M365 offers features such as planning & dispatching, contract management, item management, order, and price management.


Manage your business with the competent capability of a business central system such as primary capacity planning, version management, production bill of materials, production orders, and finite loading.

Centralize Hosting in Cloud

Incorporate complex models easily into operation to analyze and process ballooning business data through our advanced Cloud technology.

End-to-End Solutions

Augment end-to-end business functionality with simplified Microsoft dynamics solutions. Pace your business performance with real-time analytics.

Enhanced Transparency

Improve your customer interaction through embedded systems and interoperability to make better operational decisions.

Easy Customization

Customize your business needs for a financial, project, supply chain, human resources, and warehouse management with effective business central solutions with M 365.

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Why upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate your business processes?

If your business is already using some sort of enterprise resource planning software, then you might wonder whether you need to upgrade with Microsoft dynamics business Dubai for purchase, sales, service, finance, and operations. With Microsoft 365, the answer may seem intimidating, as most of its products are of high quality and perform well. Here we have compiled some of the benefits of MS Dynamics for Finance and Operations:

Cost reduction because of advanced automation

For some, the transition from current enterprise resource planning software to Microsoft Dynamics 365 may seem like a significant investment of money and time. However, as a result, you save more than you invest. The MS 365 FO functionality helps your organization identify and clean up excess resources. This helps in reducing operating costs and optimization of human resources.

Improved integration of associated software

With Microsoft 365, it gets easier to manage, integrate, and customize different modules and components of your business, which helps increase the productivity of other software such as CRM, BI, various IoT applications, productivity tools etc. Because of that, organizations can not only save on customization but also spend less on frequent training of staff.

Openness to all types of platforms

The latest iteration of dynamics 365 marketing Dubai is optimized for all sorts of devices, platforms and mobile applications. Organizations will not have to worry about installation and configuration problems they might have encountered earlier. The cloud version of Microsoft 365 is even more accessible for enterprise use.

Constant upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for purchase, sales, service, finance, and operations provides periodic updates (every three months for the platform and every six months for the app). Employees will always have the latest technology at their disposal without the need for constant large deployment.

Built-in analytics features

Microsoft 365 for business operations comes with a built-in analytical tool that works on Microsoft Power BI. This makes analysis and reports deeper and easier to produce, as well as provides real-time data visibility round the clock.

Advanced Forecasting Capabilities with the help of AI

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for business operations leverages the advancement of machine learning from Azure and Cortana. Their advanced algorithms help organizations transform the older simple descriptive statistics into a comprehensive tool for predicting the most likely opportunities. Companies receive predictable answers and benefits from identifying hidden trends.

Improved data confidentiality

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with advanced built-in disaster recovery and 24/7 technical support, with the help of Microsoft Azure which provides world-class cybersecurity. Moreover, companies don’t need to pay extra for securing the workflow.

Advantages of the cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for purchase, sales, service, finance, and operations is hosted on a Microsoft server for cloud deployment. For an organization, such a thing results in lower maintenance costs for companies servers and hardware. Also, not to forget about the data a company free up (which will be significant). The cloud also provides flexibility to businesses to scale and grow at their own pace.

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