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Enterprise Content and Collaboration

Neologix empowers organizations with SharePoint based content and collaboration services to facilitate teamwork, improve productivity and produce better results.

What do We do?

Content management and information collaboration is critical for organizations with offices in different locations. Add to it the rapid pace of content generation which makes it even more difficult to seamlessly manage, store and monitor this data. Collaboration via phone calls, emails or faxes are too archaic for today’s digital workplaces. Also this does not provide adequate governance to manage the content in a seamless manner. This is where Neologix leverages SharePoint as a platform to enable easily accessible content and ensure perfect collaboration across teams and geo locations.

Collaboration Made Easy with SharePoint

Our SharePoint content & collaboration services will help you to harmonize dissipated data across your organization in a well governed and intuitive manner. From top-down to bottom up, communication of all level can be integrated with digital workspace. The SharePoint out-of-the-box features can easily handle all your requirements such as correspondence workflows, records management, business intelligence and social integration. Customization according to your unique organizational needs can be done effortlessly.


  • Teamwork and productivity
  • Business process automation
  • Intranet and team sites
  • Knowledge management
  • Analytics and Intelligence


  • Enterprise content management
  • Online file storage and sharing
  • Search and information discovery
  • Records management
  • Correspondence management

Streamline your business with SharePoint

SharePoint Services

Neologix is UAE’s top SharePoint consultancy with extensive experience in Microsoft technologies, specifically providing SharePoint based solutions to organizations in UAE as well as globally. We will closely review your business challenges to understand and develop collaborative solutions that ensure increased productivity and improved business results for your organization.

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