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Software Testing Case Study

Project Description

Software systems are an integral part of our life, starting from business applications to consumer products. Many of us have had an experience with software or applications or site that did not work as expected. All those that do not work correctly can lead to many problems, including loss of money, time and business reputation. A man can make an error which produces a defect in the program code. If a defect in code is executed, the system or application may fail to do what it should do or do something it shouldn’t, resulting a failure.

With the help of testing, it is possible to measure the quality of software in terms of defects found, for both functional and non-functional software requirements and characteristics (e.g., reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability).Testing analyze a program with the intent of finding problems and errors that measures system functionality and quality. Effective testing helps to deliver quality software products that satisfy user’s requirements needs and expectations.

At Neologix we have a team of tester’s who are well versed in STLC (Software testing life cycle), experienced in testing web applications, mobile applications etc ,having hands on experience in manual and automated testing and good knowledge of modern testing methodologies. Also have good exposure to testing tools like selenium, QTP, JMeter.

Best practices:

  • We follow a well defined test procedure to ensure that all the customer requirements are met without fail
  • Well defined test plan is prepared once the requirements are base lined
  • Test cases are designed and reviewed by the time coding is completed. Automation scripts are developed wherever applicable
  • Test execution is done as per the plan. Types of testing are identified based on the requirements of the project
  • Report defects using bug tracking tool and proper workflow of defects are ensured
  • Regression testing are conducted to ensure bug fix have not affected other working areas
  • Test summary report is generated to analyze the results

Test procedure followed at Neologix:

Test planning

  • Testing approaches to be followed
  • Estimate the effort required for testing
  • Plan resources for testing
  • Plan for test environment.Will be as close to the actual end environment as much as possible.
  • If the customer specified environment cannot be simulated for testing, the probable risks associated shall be analyzed and managed
  • Feature to be tested
  • Plan for different types of testing like functional testing and other specialized testing like performance testing GUI testing, Stress testing, Security testing, compatibility testing, etc

Test case preparation and review

  • Test Cases are prepared based on the requirements of the project. Test is designed based on whether manual or automated testing is done. For automation testing, the different scenarios for testing are identified first. An end to end checklist is prepared covering all the features of the project
  • Automation scripts are generated(where applicable)
  • Separate Checklist is prepared for Web application UI testing
  • Test cases include functionality test cases, GUI test cases, compatibility test cases, performance test cases, stress test cases, environmental test cases, usability test cases, security test cases, abnormal test cases etc depending on the type of project/product to be tested
  • The test cases are reviewed before the internal release
  • The review team includes both developers and testers
  • Re-review of the test cases is triggered in case the test cases are found to be not adequate for the requirements and Test cases change due to requirements change

Test execution

Execute tests as per plan. Bugs and other issues found will be entered into the bug tracking tool being used by the project. Bugs will be classified on the basis of impact, phase origin and type of

  • Defect type is classified as
  • Logic defect
  • Cosmetic defect
  • Missing functionality
  • Modify feature
  • Add feature

Test results review

Test results are analyzed after completing testing activities based on the type, phase origin and impact and test summary report is created.

External release

  • All core features of the product are working satisfactorily No exception or other program stop condition occurs in the normal operation of software
  • All goals planned for the product are met to the satisfaction of test team
  • Acceptance Criteria agreed upon with customer is met

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