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Work Place Management Solution


Project description

Neologix designed and developed a Work place Management Solution for one of UAE’s largest private healthcare provider, NMC Group. They are the first healthcare company from the GCC and the first from Abu Dhabi to be listed on the premium segment of London Stock Exchange. They are also part of FTSE-250 index.

The NMC Group has various business verticals in industries like Healthcare, Retail, Trading, Financial Services, Software and Logistics. They primarily operate across the UAE and have a manpower strength of over 10,000 people.

The client wanted to create a platform where they could share information with and amongst employees working in different locations. They also wanted managers to get real time access to information and KPIs, on the go. Till now, all information was managed in an oracle HRMS solution.

Neologix needed to connect their Workplace Management Solution with the Oracle HRMS, manage the work flow within the organization and provide real time information to the employees within the group.

The client wanted all its employees to gain access to company information while sitting in their respective locations. This would ensure a sense of togetherness and family amongst the 10,000+ staff of NMC Group.

Business challenges

The group consists of different business verticals and each vertical has different work flows, department policies, leave structures, etc

  • The HR department was scattered across different offices in UAE.
  • The biggest challenge was to connect all these employees in different verticals.

These requirements were unlike the normal implementation where we implement WMS solutions within one company itself.


  1. Neologix Software Solutions provided the client with experienced consultants who discussed the issues and created a blueprint of the requirement and the implementation plan.
  2. This blue print included listing out the different departments within each organization, user roles, designing hierarchy levels for the different organizations, etc.
  3. The solution was designed in a way that it was scalable to any level. From an employee perspective, the main Features of the Solution included:
    1. Employee Directory
    2. The employee can view all his/ her personal details that are stored within the company, apply for leaves, salary slips, etc.
    3. Employees can put other requests like, passport release, letters and printing, data update,reimbursements (travel, air fare, etc.)
    4. Performance Reviews
    5. A forum for employees to post informative articles
    6. Discussion boards
    7. All the company related policies and company profile were made available for the employees to read.
    8. Employees could view his/her attendance details and Duty Rosters.
    9. Employee Asset Tracking
    10. Image/ Video Gallery for everyone to view and archive.
    11. Employees have access to: News,Announcements,Monthly Newsletters,Events Calendar,FAQ
    12. Blogs
    13. Documents – Access to different types of documents which also includes brand repository.
    14. Complaint Register
    15. Incident Reporting
    16. Rewards, Winners, Employee of the month
    17. New Appointments, New Retirements.
    18. Birthday Calendar
    19. Internal Classifieds
    20. Employees could attend surveys/ polls which enabled the organization to get access to real data in a very efficient manner
    21. Training Details and Applying for the same
    22. Meeting Room Booking
    23. Access to Promotional Offers from the company
    24. Internal e-com portal – This is a e-come portal within the workplace where the company offers its products to the employees at special offers and prices
  4. Managers could generate various reports, which could be utilized for taking managerial decisions. Each organization would get its separate reports.
  5. Each employee was given a user-role and departments.
  6. The access to the above features/modules are restricted based on the role and departments they are working in.
  7. Different roles and responsibility were given to content writers/ editors and they could access the modules likewise.
  8. This entire solution is connected to the customers Oracle HRMS Solution and information was available to everybody real time.

Neologix implemented this system in 3 development phases and rolled out the system in each organization in a phased manner. After development, the implementation was completed in 4 months across each business segment.

Return on investment (ROI)

After 1 year and 8 months of implementation our client gave us the following statistics:

  • Reduction in Employee Attrition – From an attrition rate of 16-18%, the company came down to a rate of just over 10%.
  • Increase in employee satisfaction level – On a scale of 1 to 10 point system, the employee satisfaction has risen from an average 5 points to a healthy 7 points.
  • HR Budget/ Spending – When compared to the previous year, the HR Spending has decreased by 9.8%. The previous years showed an average increase of 10% year on year.
  • Net Profit – The net profit is dependent on various other factors but we still believe the implementation of WMS implementation had a part to play. The Net profit increased by 29%, when compared to an average increase of 20% year on year.
  • Incident/Accident Reporting -This helped the organization to plan the occupational health and safety in the organization in a much better manner. This also helped reduce the lost working hours due to injury and illness by 75%
  • The Senior Managers and Managers are extremely satisfied with the availability of real time information and have proposed to build a mobile platform as well to increase the productivity further

Looking forward:

After 1 year and 8 months of implementation our client gave us the following statistics:

We are currently implementing an enterprise level mobile application for this client, which is connected to the above system. With this system, the employees will have all this information available in their mobile phones, real time and also go through a 2 level security. For eg.:

  • Push Notifications – managers can approve leaves from their mobiles, view various information etc
  • Incident reporting can be done instantly
  • Any information about a person can accessed instantly
  • News/ Events/ Announcements will be instantly viewed in the employees mobile via push notification
  • And lots more.

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