Neologix is a UAE based company which is a leading provider of document management system consultation for small and medium enterprises in UAE

Nucleus Research Technology research company which provides information on ROI facts says that a properly implemented Document Management System can deliver 7.5 times for every penny spent on digitising organisation documents

Use Cases

Statistics of information created in an organisation

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Why do you need a document management system consultation?

Managing the content in your organisation is not easy. In an organisation, there are different departments creating content and documents on a daily basis! It’s only after things become unmanageable resulting in some legal or financial impact is when organisations start to seriously think about digitising and managing their content!

Infographics on DMS and its benefits affecting the organisation

Schedule a meeting with our experts and we can show you demos and case studies.

Or call us at +971-521043226

Infographics - Value creation of a document management system

How can Neologix help you?

We at Neologix help organisations decide what is the best possible solution to manage your documents. Neologix can help you with concerns like

Which DMS system will suit organisation’s future goals?

Not all DMS system will help you achieve your organisation future goals. Neologix helps make that decision.

Which is the best DMS system suitable for your budget?

Every organisation has a different budget for IT. We understand that and try to find the best solution for you!

What are the future implications of setting up a DMS ?

We help you look ahed into the future while setting up a DMS. This helps better decision making.

Consulting on exiting workflows.

Our team of experts can help you document and improve the existing workflows.

Staff training

For the successful implementation of DMS we provide structured staff training

Support & Maintenance

Once the system is live we provide ongoing maintenance for the implementation.

Most of the time a document management system implementation fails because of a lack of alignment between the business and the Information Technology. The below infographics provides information on how proper implementation of a DMS software can positively affect the bottom line.

Let Neologix help you with document management deployment. We can help you implement a document management software and workflow automation solutions for your organisation. We ensure that after the implementation of a DMS system you will see

  • Faster inter-departmental document processing
  • Better decision making.

all while allowing other departments and locations to share critical information with each other

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