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Investing in the development of workplace management strategies for your company is the most reliable way to reduce your company’s costs and make it more efficient. Very basically, a workplace management system (IWMS) is a software platform that helps organizations optimize the use of workplace resources. Neologix Software Solutions provides you the best Workplace Management solutions.

Why Implement a Workplace Management System in your organization?

At the core, in every organization, there are basically 3 types of employees

1. Engaged Employees -They work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. They drive innovation and move the organization forward.

2. NOT-Engaged Employees – They are essentially “checked out”. They are sleep walking through their workday, putting time – but not energy or passion – into their work

3. Actively Disengaged employees – They aren-t just unhappy at work, they are busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish.

To have a strong and efficient workplace, you need to create a culture of organizational wellbeing. Organizational wellbeing can be achieved only if the following 3 points are accomplished.

  • Individual well being
  • Employee engagement
  • A culture of well being linked to important organizational outcomes, such as productivity, rewards, new findings

These factors complement and affect one another in ways that leaders, managers, and organizations can influence.

What we can offer

Neologix has done extensive research and study in the development of workplace management systems and developed a solution that engages all the above and has the ability to create a culture of organizational well being.

Our solution provides a correct balance of employee involvement, work-life balance, recognition and employee growth & development.

  • We have 2 WMS solutions, one for the web users ( web based frontend ) and also an mobility enterprise level workplace solution for smartphone users.
  • We also offer a combination of both, which is the best available solution in the entire market
  • Both the solutions can be connected to a single administrative system which is also accessible and responsive to mobile browsers

Main Features of the solution

A secured user authenticated access to the system. For the mobile application we provide a 2 level security authentication

  • User Roles, departments, hierarchies are configurable within the solution
  • Employee Directory- When an employee logs into the system using his/her login credentials, the person will be able to view basic details and contact other employees within the organization
  • The employee can view all his personal details that are stored within the company, apply for leaves, salary slips etc
  • Employee can put other requests like, passport release, letters and printing, data update, reimbursements (travel , air fare etc )
  • Performance Reviews
  • A forum for employees to post informative articles and discuss on the same
  • All the company related policies and company profile are available for the employee to read for reference
  • Employee can view his/her attendance details and Duty Roasters
  • Employee Asset Tracking
  • Image/Video Gallery for everyone to view and archived as well. Images/Videos from various functions/get together will be stored and can be viewed by anyone anytime.
  • Employees have access to: News,Announcements,Monthly Newsletters,Events Calendar,FAQ,Blogs
  • Document Management – Access to different types of documents, which also includes brand repository.
  • Complaint Register – The employee can post their complaints/suggestions and the concerned persons could access this
  • Incident Reporting – Any incident in the organization can be reported instantly with a video/picture or voice clip
  • Rewards, Winners, Employee of the month
  • New Appointments, New Retirements
  • Birthday Calendar
  • Internal Classifieds – this is where the employees can post details of anything they need to sell and any person can contact them on phone to buy the same
  • Employees could attend surveys/ polls which enabled the organization to get access to real data in a very efficient manner
  • Training Details and Applying for the same
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Access to Promotional Offers from the company
  • Internal e-com portal – This is a e-come portal within the workplace where the company offers its products to the employees at special offers and prices
  • Internal e-com portal – This is a e-come portal within the workplace where the company offers its products to the employees at special offers and prices
  • This entire solution can be connected to an Oracle HRMS Solution and information can be available to everybody real time
  • All the notifications can be viewed in the dashboard. Notifications can also be send via Email and SMS

The above features are available in both web and enterprise mobile application as well. The following are some features additionally available in the mobile.

  • Push Notifications – Employees/Managers will get push notifications whenever required. For eg, leave approvals, news, events etc.
  • Employees can report Incident instantly via their phone
  • Any information about a person can be accessed instantly through the application
  • Any announcements will be instantly viewed in the employees mobile via push notification-s

Why Choose Neologix

One of our major implementations of Workplace Management Solutions was for NMC Group, UAE. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CASE STUDY.

  • Implemented WMS solutions for more 30 customers worldwide
  • Have hands on experience in understanding the workplace requirement
  • Solution is customizable based on customer demand
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Trained and dedicated team of developers who will ensure only the best
  • Services right from concept to design
  • An Experienced team with in-depth knowledge of the market

To know more about our workplace management services, Contact us.

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