Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is unquestionably worth all the attention. Making the most of the Windows, the company has worked hard on creating a platform that is totally in sync with the needs of Smart phones and other portable devices. The exciting new user interface and introduction of Windows Phone 8 has increased the popularity of the platform.

The platform is largely based on Silverlight and XLM and offers an amazing level of familiarity and comfort for users. Right from Facebook updates to weather reports, there are plenty of features on Windows Phone that make it a front runner, in comparison with Android and iOS. Also, what adds to the value of the platform is the ability of seamless integration with the Windows desktop and availability of multi-touch technology.

Do you wish to have an innovative Windows Phone development partner in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Our team of experts will deliver you the best Windows Phone apps in the industry.

Neologix is a pioneer in Windows Phone application development and has been playing with the platform ever since its inception. We work with a plethora of clients, developing the best Windows Phone applications customized as per your needs. We started working on Windows Phone technologies early in the market, and have a pool of developers who constantly keep up with the changes in technology.

We have worked extensively for Windows Phone 8 apps with in-depth knowledge of Metro UI, ensuring every app finds its customers and is functional and exceptionally good to the eyes.

Neologix’s Windows Phone application development services:

Our services for Windows Phone application development are flexible and we aim at designing applications that hold value for our clients. Our Developers are skilled in Microsoft C#, Java and Silverlight and develop Apps that create instant impression among end users and clients. Our services include:

  • Custom-made CMS apps
  • Ecommerce and online catalogues
  • Tailored Windows phone application development
  • Designing Web apps for cross platform
  • MIS reporting apps
  • Games and entertainment app development
  • Exclusive app development for Windows phone 8
  • Quick and swift Integration of Social Media
  • M-Commerce integration
  • Digital signage and Sales tracking apps
  • GPS Navigational softwareEmail and chat applications
  • Bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps integration
  • Porting apps to Windows Phone Platform from iPhone and Android Application

Why Choose Neologix for Windows Phone apps development?

We are passionate about developing Windows phone applications. The reasons to choose Neologix for Windows Phone apps development follows:

Unsurpassed expertiseExpert designers working on diverse projectsComplete project control Experience of Windows Phone platform from scratchScalable, flexible and customizable solutions Submissions of apps to Windows Phone MarketplaceCost-effective solutionsExcellent cross-platform development supportUnparalleled pricing and best industry prices

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