Portal for ordering food items from multiple restaurants

Project description

Mammam portal provides users to search through their favorite Restaurants and order their favorite dishes. User can customize their order according to their need. Mammam also provides facility to preorder food.Admin portal for Mammam manages all the functionality in the Public site and Mobile applications.

The Mammam portal helps the users to order their favorite food items from different Restaurants. Mammam help the users to order food from different restaurants present at their delivery locations. They can also customize the items they have ordered according to their needs. They can also select the delivery location and delivery time using the Application.

Admin panel is for managing the Mammam portal. There are 5 different user types for admin panel. According to the login type the permissions changes. Restaurants registered to Mammam will be active only if approved by Mammam super admin. Restaurant users can also manage their Restaurants, Menus and other settings from the same admin panel. Reports section is another main section in Admin, from which user can view the complete activity for their account according to the filter selected.

Key features of the project:

Portal for ordering food items from Multiple restaurants. Search for food items, browse through different Restaurants and order them.Admin panel to Manage Public site, Mobile Applications, Customers, Restaurants, Users, Menu items,etc.


Users can browse through different Restaurants for their favorite dishes. They can use the Public site for checking their previous orders, mark their favorite restaurants and menus. Also, the user can keep their personal details in the my account section

Admin area with all settings to manage the Public site, including the Mobile applications

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