Social media app to share shopping experience

Project description

Social media app project description

Mobile social shopping app which highlights shopping trends in a variety of categories including but not limited to fashion, food, sports, travel, entertainment and technology.

Mashalot is the mobile shopping application. Users can snap a photo of an item they want to or have purchased, categorize it, give it some text and share instantly. The users can tag a photo with a label of their choice. They can even tag a user and post the photos which send a notification to those users, exactly like those features in the most trending social media these days. Significantly, hashtags possibility is one striking feature we have incorporated in the app.


Easy profile registration (with Facebook info), very user friendly feed and activity pages, efficient camera features, sharing photos with usertags and hash tags, provision to find/ follow/followed by friends worldwide, and to manage own profile effectively makes the app a big success and hit among people. To be short, the app can be defined as-Instagram meets Pinterest for Shopping.

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