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Our SharePoint Development Services foster innovation and collaboration and pave the way for a transformative digital journey, amplifying your organisation’s potential. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, achieving success requires a solid strategy and seamless implementation, not just technology.

Our journey in SharePoint development spans more than 10 years, making us seasoned veterans in the field. This experience is your assurance of quality, reliability, and innovation. When you choose us, you’re choosing

Our SharePoint Services

We specialise in SharePoint Development Services designed to empower your business for success.
Our experience serving diverse industries enables us to understand your unique business needs
and provide solutions that exceed expectations.
Let us help you harness the full potential of SharePoint, driving efficiency, collaboration, and growth in your organisation.

SharePoint Application Development

Our SharePoint Application Development Services are all about helping your business thrive with tailor-made software solutions. 
Off-the-shelf applications may only sometimes align perfectly with your unique requirements. That’s where our expertise comes in.
In 10 years, we have completed more than 130 successful projects in SharePoint.
Find more details about why our SharePoint Application Development services are unique.

SharePoint Web Development

We take SharePoint Web Development to the next level, providing dynamic and engaging web solutions that bolster and enhance user experiences and drive business growth.
SharePoint is a powerful platform for internal processes and for creating robust web applications and sites. SharePoint-based web solutions offer many benefits, including scalability, security, and seamless integration with other Microsoft tools.
Find more details about our SharePoint Web Development Services.

SharePoint Intranet Development

We excel in SharePoint Intranet Development, a key driver for enhancing your organisation’s internal communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. 
Our expert team understands the pivotal role an intranet plays in modern workplaces, and we are dedicated to creating dynamic and efficient solutions tailored to your unique business needs.
A well-designed intranet is the cornerstone of seamless internal operations. 
SharePoint intranets offer a robust platform to facilitate communication, streamline workflows, and provide centralised access to essential information, fostering a more connected and productive workforce.
To learn more about how we can help bring more collaboration and efficiency to you using our SharePoint Intranet services, click below.

SharePoint Migration Services

Our expertise in SharePoint Data and System Migrations is your guarantee of a smooth and hassle-free transition to and from SharePoint. 
We understand that data is the lifeblood of your organisation, and moving it to SharePoint – whether it’s migrating from older SharePoint versions to newer ones or shifting from on-premises to SharePoint Online – requires precision, experience, and meticulous planning.
In the past, we have assisted more than 50 organisations with their transition to and from Sharepoint, ensuring an incident-free smooth migration.
Learn more about our different SharePoint Migration services by clicking below.

SharePoint Integration Services

We understand that today’s businesses rely on various tools and applications, and the ability to connect them seamlessly is crucial for productivity and data flow.
SharePoint integration involves seamlessly integrating all your organisation’s software tools and applications. Neologix has extensive experience in integrating SharePoint with numerous Management Information Systems.
To learn more about our SharePoint Integration process and approach, click below.

SharePoint Consulting Services

Our SharePoint Consulting Services can help you navigate the vast capabilities of SharePoint to achieve your organisation’s objectives effectively. 
SharePoint is a powerful platform with numerous features, and harnessing its full potential requires strategic planning, expert guidance, and a tailored approach. That’s where our consulting services come into play.
To learn more about our SharePoint Consulting Services and our approach, please click below.

SharePoint Customisation Services

Our SharePoint Customisation Services are designed to empower your organisation by tailoring SharePoint to your specific needs and objectives. We can customise the SharePoint user interface to make it more intuitive and follow your branding guidelines.
We specialise in customising SharePoint to align seamlessly with your organisation’s workflows, processes and goals. This way, SharePoint can help you maximise efficiency, collaboration and productivity. 
To learn more about our SharePoint customisation services, click below.

SharePoint Support Services

Our SharePoint Support Services ensure your organisation’s seamless and optimised SharePoint experience. SharePoint is a powerful platform; continuous support and assistance are crucial to keep it functioning at its best. This is where our support services excel. 
We provide comprehensive support for all your SharePoint needs, offering timely assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance. Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle any issues that may arise, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime.
To learn more about how our SharePoint Support services and engagement model provide ongoing assistance, please click below.

SharePoint Staff Augmentation Services

We specialise in providing skilled and dedicated SharePoint Contract Developers to enhance your project’s capabilities. At Neologix, we understand the importance of having a proficient team of Contract SharePoint Developers to supplement your existing workforce and drive successful project outcomes.
Click below to learn more about how our SharePoint Contract Developers can help you with additional expertise or your new SharePoint endeavour.

Why Choose Our SharePoint Development Services?

Our SharePoint Development Services are the cornerstone of seamless collaboration, efficient data management, and growth. We specialise in tailoring solutions to your unique needs, ensuring your business thrives in a digital age. 
Whether you seek custom applications, dynamic web solutions, powerful intranets, smooth migrations, effective integrations, customisation or support, we are your dedicated partner.

What Sets Us Apart


We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our solutions are tailor-made for your business, helping you achieve your unique goals.


We have built our development process on open communication and collaboration. You're involved every step of the way.

Proven Results

See our client testimonials and case studies to discover how we've transformed businesses like yours.

Our Expertise In developing SharePoint

Make Neologix a trusted partner for your organisations to maximise the potential of SharePoint while enjoying a personalised and customer-centric experience.

Industries We Serve

We take pride in our extensive experience and expertise in implementing SharePoint solutions across various industries and sectors. 
Our journey in SharePoint has led us to partner with organisations in diverse fields, each with its unique challenges and requirements.


Large corporations benefit from SharePoint's capabilities to manage content, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity within their complex organisational structures.

Government and
Public Sector

Government agencies utilise SharePoint for secure document management, streamlined workflows, and citizen engagement platforms to enhance transparency and efficiency in public services.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare organisations leverage SharePoint for secure storage and management of patient records, compliance with healthcare regulations, and collaboration among medical teams.

Education and
Academic Institutions

Schools, universities, and educational institutes utilise SharePoint for centralised information management, e-learning platforms, academic collaboration, and document sharing among students and faculty.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing companies use SharePoint for process documentation, version control of engineering drawings, project management, and collaboration among geographically dispersed teams.

Technology and
IT Services

IT companies benefit from SharePoint for managing software development projects, knowledge sharing, customer portals, and collaboration on technical solutions.


Law firms and legal service providers use SharePoint for case management, document sharing, secure client portals, and collaboration on legal matters.

Real Estate and Construction

Real estate and construction companies utilise SharePoint for project management, document version control, collaboration with contractors, and secure document storage.

Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility companies benefit from SharePoint for managing complex projects, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating communication among field and office teams.

Agriculture and Agribusiness

In the agriculture sector, SharePoint can assist in supply chain management, farm data analysis, and collaboration among agricultural stakeholders.

Case Studies

Client Testimonials​

Joren De Wachter

The project felt like a partnership based on trust, which was very positive.

CEO, DSAdmin
Industry: Business services

Kabah Adnan

They were patient and cooperative, and they quickly responded to changes

Sr. Officer Application Developer, Al Ain Farms
Industry: Agriculture

Jon-jon Dela Cruz

The humbleness and approachable personality of their CEO that reflects to his team is a big factor for me.

IT Supervisor, WEKAYA
Industry: Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SharePoint is a collaborative platform by Microsoft that allows organisations to create secure and customisable websites, intranets, and document management systems to streamline communication, content sharing, and employee collaboration.

SharePoint offers a centralised platform for seamless collaboration, document management, content sharing, workflow automation, and integration with various Microsoft 365 apps, enhancing productivity, communication, and organisational efficiency.

We offer comprehensive SharePoint services, including intranet development, SharePoint customisation, migration, integration with other systems, workflow automation, security setup, and ongoing support to meet your specific business needs.

Yes, SharePoint can be tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. It provides scalable solutions that can be customised to address small businesses’ unique needs and budgets, enabling them to streamline operations and enhance collaboration.

Absolutely! Our SharePoint experts are experienced in data migration, ensuring a smooth transition from your existing systems to SharePoint. We will provide data integrity, proper organisation, and minimal downtime during migration.

SharePoint seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft 365 apps like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and more. This integration enhances collaboration, data sharing, and efficiency by creating a unified digital workspace.

The cost of SharePoint implementation varies based on factors such as the scope of the project, customisation requirements, user licenses, and additional services needed. Contact us at info@neologix.ae or +971-521043226 for a personalised quote.

Yes, we can fully customise the SharePoint portal’s look and feel to match your company’s branding, ensuring a consistent and familiar user experience for your employees.

SharePoint employs robust security features like encryption, multi-factor authentication (MFA), granular permissions, and compliance controls to ensure the safety of your data and documents.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your SharePoint portal operates smoothly. We can handle updates, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance to optimise your SharePoint experience. Even if you have a SharePoint instance developed by another company, we can provide ongoing support.

Getting started is simple! Once you use our Contact Us form, our team will assess your needs, provide recommendations, and guide you through implementing SharePoint solutions tailored to your business goals.

Yes, SharePoint offers a mobile-responsive design, allowing users to access the platform’s features and content from smartphones and tablets. This flexibility ensures that employees can collaborate and stay productive while on the go.

SharePoint is an ideal platform for remote work. It enables employees to access documents, collaborate on projects, participate in discussions, and stay connected with the team regardless of their physical location.

Yes, SharePoint supports integrating third-party applications and services through APIs and connectors. This integration allows you to bridge the gap between different systems, enhancing functionality and data sharing.

Absolutely. SharePoint provides features like retention policies, eDiscovery, legal hold, and audit logs to help organisations comply with industry regulations and maintain data governance standards.

SharePoint offers communication sites and news pages that allow you to create and share important announcements, updates, and company news, ensuring employees stay informed and engaged.

SharePoint’s document management capabilities include version control, metadata tagging, access permissions, and secure sharing. These features help maintain document integrity, streamline collaboration, and reduce redundancy.

Absolutely. SharePoint’s integration with Power Automate allows you to create automated workflows that handle repetitive tasks, notifications, approvals, and more, enhancing efficiency and consistency.

Change management is crucial. Our team can provide training, resources, and user adoption strategies to help your employees comfortably transition to SharePoint and fully benefit from its features.

SharePoint provides usage analytics, site usage reports, and insights into user behaviour. These reports help you understand how your portal is utilised, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Indeed, we can share case studies and success stories highlighting how other organisations have leveraged SharePoint to enhance collaboration, streamline operations, and achieve their business objectives.

The duration of a SharePoint implementation for your organisation can vary based on factors such as the scope and complexity of your requirements, the level of customisation needed, and the size of your organisation. A basic implementation can typically take a few weeks, while more complex projects may take a few months.

The implementation process involves various stages, including planning, design, development, testing, migration (if applicable), and user training. Working closely with a SharePoint implementation team to outline your specific needs and create a tailored project plan that aligns with your timeline and goals is essential.

Yes, we can help you migrate from older versions of SharePoint to the latest version or SharePoint Online. Our migration experts ensure a smooth and secure transition of your data and content.

We provide comprehensive training sessions for your employees to ensure they can use and navigate the SharePoint portal effectively. Additionally, our support team is available to address any questions or issues.

We can measure the impact on the ROI of SharePoint’s implementation through improved productivity, streamlined processes, reduced time spent searching for information, and enhanced collaboration. We can assist in setting up metrics to measure these benefits.

Feel free to contact us at info@neologix.ae or +971-521043226 for further questions or to discuss your SharePoint needs. Our team is here to guide you toward a successful SharePoint implementation that aligns with your business objectives.

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