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Why Choose Neologix?

We understand people

Automation is for people, and we understand that. We communicate with business users during the whole process, get their feedback, and make the entire process enjoyable.

We simplify

We focus on making things simple. Too much complexity makes everyone forget the obvious. And we know automation is about keeping it simple.

100+ years of combined leadership team experience

100+ combined experience in leadership and management helps us focus on the key problems that affect your organisation.

We understand the value of automation

We understand the business justifications for adopting automation and the value it generates for any organisation. When we say value, we start from improving employee morale to the overall ROI automation generates for your organisation

Our Process


Identify the business problem, Understand the business process, Optimise the business process, Understand who the users are? Create a project plan


Identifying the jobs to be done in the app, Sketching the screens, Architectural design, Integration requirements (ERPs), Data structure, Type of app to make with a clear understanding of scenario & user, Decide logic, App Security


Create the app based on the type of app that fits best for your solution. Be it Canvas apps or Model-Driven apps.


We conduct Unit tests to check whether specific functions or features are working properly, End to end tests to check whether the overall solution runs correctly and finally the user acceptance testing to ensure that the app we created matches with the user requirement


Publishing & Sharing the app through appropriate mediums so that it’s discoverable easily and people start using it. Either through Microsoft Teams, SharePoint embedding (webpart) or any other way that’s suits your organisation.


Finally, we help you refine the app by collecting feedbacks and analysing the telemetry by leveraging the analytics features in the app.

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* Results are from Microsoft Market Research.

Results are for a composite organisation based on the interviewed customers. The Total Economic Impact™ of Power Apps, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, March 2020.


Get Started With Our Microsoft Power Apps Consulting & Development Service Today!

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