Neologix’s Ruby on Rails Services:

Our services include

  • Custom Application & Software Development
  • RoR Application Development
  • Converting Rails2.X Application to Rails-3.X
  • RoR Customization as per needs
  • RoR Testing Services
  • CMS Development Services
  • Performance Tuning
  • Social Networking Development
  • Blogs and Widgets Development
  • Application Porting and Onsite Consulting

Our RoR development team is highly knowledgeable and experienced and has worked on Ruby on Rails web framework for varied niches.

Why choose Neologix for Ruby on Rails ?

We understand the fact that RoR is a way more challenging than PHP and other solutions, but we like to use the benefits of Ruby on Rails in our favor. With continuous development in the field, we are constantly improving and bettering our services.

Why Choose neologix

why you should choose us!

  • Reliable and unmatched ROR development services
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Technical Expertise of development team
  • Support and help on post-development
  • Impressive clientele spanning many domains and niches
  • Complete support on project development
  • Best pricing with budget in mind
  • Customized solutions for each client

Ruby on Rails, often referred as RoR, is a best known open-source framework that is extensively used for building database driven web apps. This platform is one of the most powerful ones & offers developers a chance to develop mobile and web applications in less time. The platform which is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture enables the data to be separated from presentation.

Ruby on Rails also offers the scaffolding option and simplifies the process of web application building. Giving a powerful chance for developers to better their applications, the platform offers an automated testing option with use of sample test scripts. What is even more interesting about this platform, is inclusion of built-in development web server, where developers can do projects and make the most of the learning tools. There are number of RoR plug-ins available, and one can easily create customized SEO-friendly URLs. In short, RoR is designed and optimized for high productivity.

On the lookout for a company providing budget-friendly Ruby on Rails development services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Neologix is there to assist you solve all your RoR needs within your budget. We are experts at deploying solutions using Ruby on Rails, making us one of the best software companies in the world. We have worked with a surfeit of clients who are extremely satisfied with our work, thanks to our RoR development team that has worked with passion on each project. Our RoR development services are designed to be flexible. We take time to know your business, goals and expectations, and based on the same, we offer high quality solutions that are reliable, logical, and extremely economical. It has been our constant endeavour to design bespoke web applications on RoR, including e-commerce solutions and CMS.

We would love to hear from you regarding Ruby on Rails Development Services. Feel free to post your queries and feedback.

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