Neologix launches e-commerce online grocery website,, for Botswana

neologix implements online grocery for choppies

Neologix, a web solutions provider headquartered at Sharjah UAE for the last 20 years, received an unusual SOS request from Botswana. With the Coronavirus taking flight across the world and the country in the southern part of the African continent also proceeding on lockdown, people couldn’t visit traditional brick and mortar supermarkets and shops.

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Largest Super Market in Botswana!

Local supermarket chain Choppies then started accepting orders via WhatsApp and phone calls. But the call and message volume was too high. Manual processes couldn’t handle it and the situation was getting messier by the day.

The company reached out to Neologix on the other side of the world. They wanted to launch an end-to-end e-commerce website to accept orders and that too within a few days.

Neologix took up the challenge. In seven days, a team of our crack developers and software analysts were able to design and develop a website tailored to Botswana’s local milieu and regulations and connect 20 stores in the Choppies retail chain. Today each of these stores is able to seamlessly home deliver groceries and other essential items in a 10-kilometre radius.

As with any online store, shoppers can also download and use the mobile app to place their orders and make contactless payment through their mobile phones.

This results in the grocery store following the strict lockdown instructions from WHO and there is no long lines or waiting. Meanwhile stores other employees can focus on better customer service and ensuring quality of delivery!

This model has been working in the rest of the world where customers can order their groceries from the website or mobile app and have them delivered home the same day. Grocery shopping online tends to raise a new problem for Choppies and other similar online grocery stores as customer love to go visit stores and physically examine items more closely. It would be interesting to see how Choppies solves this problem.

Choppies is headquartered in Botswana and is a publicly listed company with Mr Ram as the CEO. Companies like Choppies are taking up the COVID challenge & finding new ways to serve their customers.

Future of grocery shopping seems to be changing with initiatives like these. COVID, as we know, is going to scar the world! But like humans, business too heal become stronger to survive another day. Till then let’s hope innovations and timely actions like these make the world a little more safe place to live for all of us!

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