Channelise your Orders with inbuilt workflows and Track your jobs using our Order Handover Solution. A perfect Solution for Small and Medium Business Enterprises.  

Become paperless! Digitise your Order Handover Sheet and increase productivity!

The Solution can be used by Service Agencies, Maintenance Agencies, Rental Equipment Providers in various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power Distributors etc.

Main Features


Inbuilt Workflows for Order Approval and Job Assignment.

Departments and Roles

Manage your Departments, Roles and Permissions.

Order Tracker

Track the status of your Orders

Job Tracker with Revisioning

Track your Jobs, On Time Jobs, Delayed Jobs and increase performance

Order and Job Documents Management

A managed repository to manage all Job and Order Specific Documents.

Delivery Reports

Key Delivery Reports for your team

Job Status Reports

Multiple Job Status Reports

Advanced Search and Filters

Advanced Search with filters.

Looking to implement a Order HandOver System ?

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