M-commerce solution for a leading e-commerce retailer

Project description

M-Commerce solution for a leading e commerce retailer

Neologix designed and developed an M-Commerce app for a leading E-Commerce retailer KADA.in. In its 2 years of operations, KADA.in is now the fastest growing online grocery store in Trivandrum, India with over 4000 customers.

To ensure a great shopping experience to its customers, KADA.in wanted to extend its offerings via a mobile app so that it becomes easier for its customers to shop on the go. With its own warehouse and delivery team and also tie-ups with small scale retailers within the city, KADA.in has become an E-tailer force to reckon with.

Business challenges

M-commerce application development

With the growth in Smartphone usage, KADA.in wanted to create an app for its customers, through which it would become easy for its customers to place their orders on the go. By doing this KADA.in wanted to ensure increased customer satisfaction and increase sales and productivity, while also building a stronger brand.

Keeping this in mind, KADA.in approached Neologix Software Solutions to design and create an app for them. Instead of completely re-designing the existing e-Commerce platform, Neologix came up with a solution to develop an app that would seamlessly integrate with the current E-commerce platform. This would ensure cost-effectiveness and enhance productivity.


  • The KADA.in app caters to the impulsive shopper, hence it was important that the app supports that buying behaviour.
  • The app made it easier for the customer to purchase 3-click purchase
  • In order to integrate web, Android, iPhone, Tablet technologies, Neologix used the Phonegap technology which ensures easier and cheaper maintenance and changes.
  • Push notifications feature was added to ensure the customers are notified of new products instantly
  • As 4G services are not available in the city, it was important that the app was light and we ensured the download time should not exceed 1 min
  • Real time access to orders was provided to all vendor partners on their mobiles, to enable them to get order information instantly
  • A mobile delivery system was implemented wherein, delivery team could update real time status of all orders and customers could track their delivery status
  • Mobile access to Senior Managers was provided in the app, where they could access KPIs and other statistical information that would enable them to take managerial decisions

Return on investment (ROI)

Within a year, the KADA.in app showed some great results:

  • The shareholders received an ROI of 60% on the investment done
  • There has been an increase in sales by 120%
  • 21.4% of the orders are coming through the application
  • The brand received more visibility and the number of customer registrations increased by 102%
  • The basket value has increased by 26.8%
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