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The modern digital workspace to keep your employees engaged, connected and productive.

Intranet Software Solutions for Modern Workplaces:

Intranet software solution is the primary collaboration software & social collaboration tool designed to improve employee engagement, enhance communication and drive efficiency for your organization. Intranet portal software enables knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication between employees, managers and organizations while ensuring your information remains protected at all times. Neologix is the leading intranet development firm in UAE creating innovative, digitally transformative, feature-rich, and high performing intranet solutions for businesses in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE.

Benefits of Intranet Software Solutions


Connect your entire workforce together into a single, searchable employee directory. Notify employees, share news and announcements and publish updates in the portal ensuring that all remain connected and information passed on is known to all.


Make your company intranet the center point for business information with the ability to create, upload and access different types of content with an easy-to-use CMS. Store all your documents, handbooks and policies in an easy-to-navigate knowledge base.


Access all the essential tools, applications and platforms from one place. Integration functionality allows a successful corporate intranet to bring these various functionalities together in a centralized, streamlined way and access it using a single login .This is a feature block that you can use to highlight features.

Connect Your Entire Workforce

Streamline collaboration, enhance communication and find information faster, anytime, anywhere.

SharePoint Intranet Software

Neologix can build your company intranet on SharePoint and claim the benefits of investing in business outcomes such as increasing business speed and agility, reducing IT and development costs, and enhancing the welcoming and dynamic nature of your corporate intranet software.

Streamline your internal business processes using Custom Intranet Software.

Best Intranet Software Solution for Enterprise

Looking for intranet development or intranet design help? Contact Neologix today and let’s get started. Having a tremendous amount of experience with leveraging technology such as Microsoft SharePoint to build custom intranets, Neologix can create a high-performing, fully scalable, feature-packed and extremely secure intranet solution that will boost employee collaboration, communication and productivity of your enterprise for now and the future.

Let us help you build a successful intranet for your organization

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