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Prince Sultan University

We engaged Neologix to develop a Correspondence Tracking System in Microsoft SharePoint; It's the perfect solution for generating, tracking and auditing all our correspondences. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff, who were prompt in delivering the solution to us! I believe in coming years there will be lot of value that will be generated by digitising our correspondences!

TitleDirector, ITC / Prince Sultan University


Neologix software solution is a great company as they have helped many times to put my website on the web. I can't forget how they helped me from taking the site from a PDF scratch, to building it, to get it online after a bad hosting, and being patient with me about my payments. They are truly a customer-oriented company plus their web development work is a high quality work - Highly professional & recommended.

Social Good Publisher /, Egypt

Al Nasr Contracting Company

Neologix has always been a positive and pleasant vendor and I will continue to refer them to others.-Al Nasr Contracting Company. We have been doing business with Neologix Software Solutions for more than two years. We are very pleased with their customer service. They go above and beyond their call of duty when it comes to customer service. I would recommend Neologix for any new project. Thanks for all the hard work.

Mohamed S

Eclipse Group, Dubai

Your team were great on this project and please thank each one of them for me for an excellent job done.Many thanks for your superb assistance regarding the improvement of our UMBRACO system. Neologix was able to clearly understand my requirements and provided excellent technical staff and a good project management framework to make sure I was in the loop the entire duration of the project. Thank You for your hard work and excellent job done!

Group IT/IS Manager / Eclipse Group, Dubai

Sharjah Govt

Neologix Software Solutions has been an exceptional mobile and web design partner to help design and develop some of the apps for SEWA. We are extremely happy with the quality of work and the passion shown by the team to create the best and meet impossible deadlines. The detailed and well-designed apps actually helped increase our productivity and efficiency at SEWA.

Sharjah Government


Best SharePoint consultants to work with! The Neologix team are very professional and have deep knowledge of the SharePoint technology which was critical to the success of our project. They take the time to listen to the client's issues before suggesting a solution. The Neologix team were a pleasure to work with and I recommend them highly.

Manager-Procurement & Contacts / ARK Group DMCC, Dubai, UAE

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