SharePoint for Contract Management

Ensure a streamlined and structured contract management process with the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint.

Contract management refers to the many procedures and processes that organizations may implement in order to administrate the negotiation, execution, performance, modification and termination of contracts with various parties including customers, contractors, employees, vendors and distributors.

Dealing with contracts can often be pretty complex and the larger your business becomes the bigger your challenges. Tracking the right contract, delegating it to the right lawyer or legal assistant, then waiting for a succession of email-based approvals can be time-consuming. To make matters worse, you have no way to search for contract renewals, no way to to find out who has completed the work and no timely alerts to notify you when contracts are about to end. You have no idea if renewals on high-value contracts are being overlooked. In some cases, you can’t even find out if you have the signed copy of the agreement. If your organization is facing similar problems with contract management, a scalable and customizable solution such as Microsoft SharePoint is the right platform for your organization in terms of ensuring a streamlined contract production and management process while being efficient and compliant throughout.

Automate your entire contract lifecycle with Microsoft SharePoint

Neologix is the top UAE based SharePoint development company with a proven track record of implementing SharePoint contract management software, document management systems, correspondence management system, intranet portals, and other collaboration solutions in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and also for organizations in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries. Our portfolio demonstrates various examples of SharePoint installations which demonstrate our wide experience in SharePoint implementation services to meet the specific requirements of our customer.

Benefits of SharePoint Contract Management System

  • Central Repository: SharePoint provides a central repository for content that makes it easy to keep all your contracts and supporting documents in one place. User profiles, milestones, obligations, and other information can also be stored in a single repository.
  • Collaboration: Your legal and contract teams can create, collaborate, review and approve contracts with all revisions, version control history and comments tracked. Your team can manage contracts that are renewing and expiring and send automated alerts about upcoming deadlines.
  • Powerful Search: With a SharePoint contract tracking software, users can quickly find important contract details that are important to the business. SharePoint and Office 365 platform provide powerful search filters and support multilingual search.
  • Highly Secure: SharePoint has top-notch security features such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption at rest and in transit, data loss prevention, role-based access and more making it a strong tool to handle sensitive data like contracts.
  • Integration: SharePoint supports integration with entire MS Office including Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint which can help legal and contract teams to easily work on their contract management process. Also, SharePoint can be easily integrated with CRMs such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce and Dynamics 365.
  • Scalability: A contract management software on SharePoint is a perfect platform for large or growing enterprises due to its scalable and flexible base infrastructure that can be extended to meet the needs of any enterprise in a cost-effective manner.

Looking for an effective Contract Management solution?

SharePoint Contract Management System Features

  • Document Management
  • Contract Drafting
  • Completion Tracking
  • Approval Workflow
  • Powerful Search
  • Contact Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Contract Templates

  • Digital Signature
  • Version Control
  • Access Restrictions
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Contract Analytics
  • Centralized Repository

Best Contract Management Software Dubai

Let your legal team rely on a SharePoint contract tracking software to manage the complete contract lifecycle. We are the leading SharePoint consultancy in Dubai helping organizations solve business problems using Microsoft SharePoint. Being a widely experienced contract management solution provider company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and UAE, we help you with guidance and assistance in implementing a workable SharePoint Contract Management system into your existing framework. Also, our in-depth training courses for administrators and users ensure the success of your investment in a SharePoint deployment. Most organizations have been able to operate more efficiently and also achieve greater cost efficiency with a SharePoint contract management system in place.

Ensure greater profitability with smart Contract Management

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